While you weren’t looking self-awareness has gone mainstream and energy work has become a growth industry

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I was struck by the truth of this statement while listening to a podcast by a straight-up digital marketing leader.

There’s nothing about the company she works with or her presentation that would lead you to think ‘oh, she’s into energy or spirit work.’

But as she shared what it takes to attract your perfect customers she used language that was previously reserved for ‘the woo crowd.’ Attract, magic-vibrations, embraced, visualize, ‘who my content really resonates with,’ harmony with your business.

I’ve also noticed the same language showing up in politics, major market media and other highly conservative businesses and organizations.

What does this mean for you?

It means that 20-somethings are so aligned with their inner guidance that they are stepping into the world with less fear than any generation before, and a belief in themselves and their innate Soul gifts and energy than we’ve ever seen.

They don’t think twice when they use their claire-senses. In fact, they may not even know about claire-senses. They simply feel it, know it, sense it, so they do it.

Do they have a fear of persecution? For what??!?

It means that 30-somethings are taking all their physical and spiritual energy and drive, marrying it with the experience they’ve gained and are voraciously consuming anything and everything they can to refine their powers of creation.

They get that they are their own limitation so they get on with making inner change quickly.

They are powered by passion to help others because they are compelled to have more people powered-up to lift this planet out of the mess we’ve made of it.

You’ll find them taking in everything out there on mindset work, law of attraction, energy work, meditation, Soul work, psychic work and anything else spiritual, metaphysical or mystical. Anything that helps them develop their ability to work with the unseen elements of life, be they thoughts, beliefs, chakras, soul, angels, ascended masters and more.

They are qualifying their energy in powerful ways towards a more loving, whole, sustainable way of life for themselves and others.

Carry all of their inner and outer work out for another 30 to 50 years and try to get your head around where that energy can take us as they really mature.

It means that the 40-somethings — and because I’m in this group, I’ll be even more specific — it means that the 40 to 55 (maybe 60) year olds need to give themselves a shake.

A really, really good shake so you step into your own power and wield it as the master you are.

Because you haven’t yet owned your power and you aren’t wielding it.

It may sound harsh, but tell me if I’m wrong here:

You grew up trying to fit in. Trying to do the good thing. The right thing. And if you had any energy gifts or ‘spidey senses’ you hid them or shut them down. Because they weren’t good, or right or normal.

You grew up in a time where being different and especially being different ‘that way’ was shamed. And all the collective consciousness of hundreds of years of persecution was weighing on you.

If you are a woman, you were already busting stereotypes and shifting collective consciousness about women in work. You were putting your energy to carving a place for the feminine principle to have a role in the masculine systems and structures of work. There was no acceptance for intuition or emotion when logic and masculine qualities were all that was acceptable.

In private, you explored and sought, and allowed your heart to lead you to what would feed your soul. But you kept it quiet.

Some of you, who’d hidden your gifts of intuition and energy, began to seek more open ways to share them. Always seeking ways to integrate acceptable work with your innate soul gifts and energy work. So you could meet a gifted psychometrist by night who was a financial trader by day. Or an angel channel by night who by day practiced psychology.

And others of you sought out their gifts, as I did, to help you with your inner work and to discover your own Soul gifts.

But still you kept it quiet, for fear of ridicule, judgement, persecution.

It’s been hard to break the old programming. It’s been hard shifting the collective consciousness.

But here’s the truth 40+ somethings: it is your time to be the masters, leaders, guides and teachers for those coming after you.

You can’t do it till you own your strength, your wisdom, the perfection of the path that’s brought you here.

Take a look and notice how you’ve been prepared as a way-maker. You know what it is to shift consciousness, yours and the collective.

It’s time to let every single one of your Soul gifts, energy senses and intuitive knowings shine freely and openly.

It is the natural cycle of the seasons of life. These are your years to claim your wisdom and power path.

Because self awareness has gone mainstream and energy/Soul work is a growth industry.

It’s time for you to take what you have and MAKE. THE. WAY. for the 20-somethings and 30-somethings, so that they can have an easier path to creating the change the world most needs right now.

It’s your time. You are ready.

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Originally published at judithmanriquez.com on July 12, 2017.




Intuitive Business Mentor | Mastery Guide — for intuitives, empaths, energy sensitives and spiritual leaders http://judithmanriquez.com

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Judith A Manriquez

Judith A Manriquez

Intuitive Business Mentor | Mastery Guide — for intuitives, empaths, energy sensitives and spiritual leaders http://judithmanriquez.com

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